Our 10 volunteers Pedalpaddled 10 miles on the Hobie Eclipses

Last weekend 10 keen Pedalpaddle volunteers took part in the endurance Kayak Rally in Exeter raising money for Oxfam.  All of the 10 pedalpaddlers that took part completed the 10 mile course which started on the River Exe near Haven Road and finished at the Exe Sailing Club in Exmouth. The ages of the volunteers ranged from 12 to 60 + years.  2 of the volunteers had never been on the Hobie Eclipse before the event and after a simple 2 minute induction with Pedalpaddle Owner Colin Hattle-Spence they were ready to go.  The course had a tranquil start along the Exeter Ship Canal where the pedalpaddlers used the opportunity to have a good chat and a catch up as they pedalled along. After a brief stop off at The Turf pub to grab a snack and a drink  the group carried on down the Exe, culminating in the crossing of the harbour mouth at Exmouth to finishing at the Exe sailing club where the group of 10 pedalpaddlers completed the event proudly together. Raising over £250 between them the pedalpaddlers were proud of their achievement by finishing together with great team spirit. Each contestant was awarded a certificate of excellence in endurance and won a coveted lifetime membership of the pedalpaddle club.


Pedalpaddle are keen to get involved in similar charity / endurance events in the future so if you have any suggestions or you would like to take part contact Colin on 01404 46022.

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